Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Repurposed Picture Frames Part 1 of 3

My newest mantle display features family portraits from summer 2011 taken by a great photographer, Aimee Decker, from Radiant Photography.
I collected these frames from thrift stores and Chad's grandma. Then primed and painted them white for a unified display. I actually prefer this look to more matchy frames, plus the frames that I actually paid for were $1-$2!  That's a savings of $15+ on the large frame alone (figuring in the cost of a can of spray paint)!
Also, the birdies I got on sale at Target around Valentines day for a few dollars.  The skinny candlesticks are from CB2.  If you wait until they have free shipping around Christmastime, the candlesticks themselves aren't bad prices!  They are pretty delicate, so no balloon toss near the mantle please. ;)