Thursday, July 21, 2011

Examples of the Stuff I Make

Since I'm switching over here from Wordpress, I thought I'd post a bunch of pics of some of the stuff I've made over the last couple years to get everyone up to speed.
I've made about 30 diaper bags mainly for friends and family. I'm kept pretty busy with those mainly through church, so I've never even listed them on my Etsy shop (see right sidebar).
Bibs, burp cloths, and washcloths I've lost count of. I love to use cool designer fabrics to make more beautiful and unusual baby things than you can buy anywhere (although I love Target stuff as much as the next Mom).
I can do special orders on all my products, with your choices of fabrics (some of the fabrics I've used in the past I obviously won't be able to get anymore though- unfortunately!)

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